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Over the last 20 years we have seen a massive raising of awareness of risk and control measures associated with Legionnaire’s Disease when, during a similar period, the awareness of the health effects from poor Indoor Air Quality have not increased by anywhere near to that level.

Now, after a quiet period, Air Quality issues have again been making the headlines and the national news.

Ensuring safe, clean, indoor air should be a

Health and Commercial Win : Win

Jordan Environmental Air Hygiene & Ventilation Services

With good quality air, as well as good quality water both being essential for health and wellbeing, presumably the paradox of awareness is due to the HSE Legislation driven aspects surrounding Legionnaire’s Disease and this having created a compliance lead reaction.

It was some 25 years ago that ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ was a major Building Services talking point. Now, after a quieter period, Indoor Air Quality issues have again become an industry hot topic.

Apart from the desire that we all must share for breathing good quality air, there is also the financial cost implications that impact any commercial activity when the employees, or other building occupants, are operating significantly below full potential, due to health stress and discomfort.

Poor IAQ drawn from outdoors and also created within the occupied space, will have a negative effect on the health of Building Occupants, albeit mostly with chronic rather than acute symptoms. These may linger and debilitate over a long period.

Although there has been Legislation and Regulation in the UK under HSWA and COSHH, as well as Guidance from professional bodies such as BESA TR/19, British Standards Institute and BSRIA, expect to see more direct and rigorous standards soon, which will then dictate levels of testing, inspection and maintenance of Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation System Hygiene.

For all round efficiency, profitability and business image, it’s best to be ahead of the game and act now !  An attitude that would be greeted ‘like a breath of fresh air’

Jordan Environmental have been always involved in this aspect of Environmental Building Services, primarily in undertaking IAQ Audits and Investigations and Ventilation System inspection and testing. The latter will involve the completion of the Preferred Vacuum Test Method, as specified within BESA TR19.

Air Hygiene & Ventilation Services by Jordan Environmental
  • Indoor Air Quality Audits and Investigation (CIBSE / ASHRAE)
  • Ventilation system condition surveys (TR19)
  • Ventilation system testing and monitoring (TR19 & PVTM)
  • Ventilation System Cleaning
  • Inspection and fogging (disinfection) regimes
  • Technical Presentations and Seminars to client groups

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Important information regarding COVID-19 Pandemic


The following is not intended to add further anxiety to an already bad situation but is factual advice that Building Services Professionals should already be aware of, but which is worth repeating.

We are working in unprecedented and extraordinary times with the way that the Coronavirus Virus (Covid-19) Pandemic has suddenly impacted on all aspects of our lives.

It is therefore understandable that a majority of companies, organisations and institutions are focussing on their own strategies of operation and protection. At Jordan Environmental Ltd we are facing the same challenges.

A totally understandable reaction to the current Covid-19 issue is to close to all ‘outsiders’ but this ignores a foundation principle of COSHH and risk reduction.

The mitigation of one risk could be creating another.

This is what happening with Water Hygiene aspects.

We urge those responsible for the Building Water Services to consider this aspect when reducing occupancy levels or closing buildings, as the risk from waterborne bacteria, including Legionella, will become elevated as the risk of Covid-19 is reduced.

The mitigation of one risk could be creating another.

Information regarding COVID-19 Pandemic

Bacteria inevitably colonise water systems and when these become irregularly used or mothballed in increasing levels of ‘Lockdown’, the bacteria will start to multiply.

The approach of the Spring and Summer, with higher ambient temperatures creating tepid water temperatures, will create ‘the perfect storm’!

We highly recommend that existing water hygiene regimes should be continued and as well as introduction of other additional aspects that can be undertaken by site staff.

Not every aspect of our service provision would be considered as ‘essential’ but ongoing legionella control and prevention is! This is recognised by leading professional organisations.

Please allow us to attend to your sites where at all possible. Our Water Hygiene Technicians are all well aware of risk levels and the practice of safe procedures.

We are here to assist and will be remaining open at all times for contact and advice, as a minimum.

The one certainty that is undeniable right now is uncertainty itself, so we at Jordan Environmental remain supportive to all clients and associates and wish you all Good Luck and Good Health at this time.

Yours sincerely
Alan Jordan
Managing Director


Disclaimer –

Although we are empathic to your current situations and concerns, we are duty bound, under the Legionella Control Association’s Code of Conduct (membership No. 2001/1209) and the adherence to HSE and COSHH principles, to inform you of the increased risks that will be created by cessation of Water Hygiene/Legionella Control Regimes.

Additionally, a Statutory duty to comply to Legionella Control procedures, that are primarily instructed within the Approved Code of Practice L8 and accompanying technical document HSE274 remains in place.

Information regarding COVID-19 Pandemic