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Over the last 20 years we have seen a massive raising of awareness of risk and control measures associated with Legionnaire’s Disease when, during a similar period, the awareness of the health effects from poor Indoor Air Quality have not increased by anywhere near to that level.

Now, after a quiet period, Air Quality issues have again been making the headlines and the national news.

Ensuring safe, clean, indoor air should be a

Health and Commercial Win : Win

Jordan Environmental Air Hygiene & Ventilation Services

With good quality air, as well as good quality water both being essential for health and wellbeing, presumably the paradox of awareness is due to the HSE Legislation driven aspects surrounding Legionnaire’s Disease and this having created a compliance lead reaction.

It was some 25 years ago that ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ was a major Building Services talking point. Now, after a quieter period, Indoor Air Quality issues have again become an industry hot topic.

Apart from the desire that we all must share for breathing good quality air, there is also the financial cost implications that impact any commercial activity when the employees, or other building occupants, are operating significantly below full potential, due to health stress and discomfort.

Poor IAQ drawn from outdoors and also created within the occupied space, will have a negative effect on the health of Building Occupants, albeit mostly with chronic rather than acute symptoms. These may linger and debilitate over a long period.

Although there has been Legislation and Regulation in the UK under HSWA and COSHH, as well as Guidance from professional bodies such as BESA TR/19, British Standards Institute and BSRIA, expect to see more direct and rigorous standards soon, which will then dictate levels of testing, inspection and maintenance of Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation System Hygiene.

For all round efficiency, profitability and business image, it’s best to be ahead of the game and act now !  An attitude that would be greeted ‘like a breath of fresh air’

Jordan Environmental have been always involved in this aspect of Environmental Building Services, primarily in undertaking IAQ Audits and Investigations and Ventilation System inspection and testing. The latter will involve the completion of the Preferred Vacuum Test Method, as specified within BESA TR19.

Air Hygiene & Ventilation Services by Jordan Environmental
  • Indoor Air Quality Audits and Investigation (CIBSE / ASHRAE)
  • Ventilation system condition surveys (TR19)
  • Ventilation system testing and monitoring (TR19 & PVTM)
  • Ventilation System Cleaning
  • Inspection and fogging (disinfection) regimes
  • Technical Presentations and Seminars to client groups

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