Energy Saving Services by Jordan Environmental


Embracing advanced technology and techniques together with the development of existing service and product options, has enabled Jordan Environmental to develop revised systems of work that enhance environmental sustainability through energy efficiency and preservation of water resource.


Can you use Water Hygiene and Water Treatment to let you go a few sizes smaller with the carbon foot print?

The answer is yes, as there are many aspects of our services that will reduce energy consumption and save valuable water resource.

For example, chemically cleaning systems as well as de-scaling boilers and calorifiers will make massive improvements in the efficiency of the heat exchange process while the use of Side Stream Filtration cleaning methods greatly reduces the amount of costly fresh water thrown down the drain.

These are just some examples but still only part of the story, as there will also be increases in the longevity of these systems – again saving the embedded energy in repair and replacement.

By embracing advanced technology and techniques, together with the development of existing tried and tested options, Jordan Environmental are uniquely able to apply a range of services which give our clients opportunities to reduce their bills and offset costs, while ensuring the highest operational standards and compliance.

Water Hygiene & Legionella Control

Air Hygiene & Ventilation

Water Treatment

Equipment & Mechanical

Energy Saving

Isn’t it a great Environmental and Commercial concept that through the application of essential water hygiene and water treatment maintenance and remediation services, the costs will be reduced by the energy saved now and in the future ?

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