Polluted Outdoor Air

28th September 2016

Jordan Environmental Air Hygiene and Ventilation Services

Yesterday the Daily Mail published an item about polluted outdoor air. This is now becoming a much wider publicised subject and will eventually be a common read.

Bath University have completed research in the UK on behalf of the World Health Organisation.

The article states that more than 90% of the UK’s population live in areas where air pollution exceeds the safe limits set by WHO with regards to ultra-fine particulate called PM2.5. It was quoted that a lot of this particulate comes from engine emissions, particularly diesel engines.

Computer modelling undertaken by the University showed Britain most polluted areas, and therefore most effected, as London and the South East, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol and South Wales.

The additional problem with outdoor air is that it finds its way indoors !

A difficult issue with difficult answers.

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Out of sight and out of mind -Ventilation Systems and the air that they supply has too often been taken for granted. Now, after over 20 years of undertaking IAQ Audits and Ventilation System inspection and testing, we have seen an exponential increase in demand for these services.

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