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DIFFERENT SECTORS : different motivations

At Jordan Environmental we are empathic to our client’s needs and take a flexible approach to our services delivery, whilst still ensuring peace of mind through value and compliance.


Recognising that expectation can uniquely differ crucially assists us in effectively working across a broad range of business and commercial sectors.

Whether in Education, Social Housing or one of many other sectors, the end game is always the need for Safe, Clean Water and Air, and Thermal comfort.

What differs is the motivational path to that point.

Those responsible for the operation of their buildings water and air services will not necessarily be professionals in that particular aspect and may have the need to prioritise other daily working challenges.

For example, a School will understandably prioritise a child’s education, with our aspects of work potentially being a distraction from ‘the main event’ !  Others may be desperately looking for a solution to sort a ‘sludged and blocked’ heating system, while some may simply be after the most competitive cost to reach minimum legal ‘legionella control’ compliance levels.


The potential scenarios across the range of services that we deliver and the different sectors we deal with is extensive, to say the least.

Whichever category you fall within, we will always listen and then respond. We are as comfortable taking on a full system chemical cleaning project as we are a minor temperature monitoring regime. We are also open when clients wish to use their own staff to undertake aspects of the service. In fact, we will often assist them in enabling that to happen.

Our flexible approach only stops if we feel that the standards that we work to could be compromised or where we are aware that a Client is leaving themselves exposed to risk. In either case we will take our usual honest and pragmatic approach and hope that the story always ends well for both parties.

Our ethos is always that we work 'with' our clients and not just 'for' them. We are on the same team

We show integrity when dealing with our Client’s staff  and our Client’s clients. This is demonstrated by observing and ensuring that diplomatic and commercial political unwritten rules are followed.
We aim to gain our Client’s respect in the way that we approach our tasks and also in a way that will build a mutually beneficial professional relationship for now and for the future.

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