Water Treatment & System Remediation services by Jordan Environmental


Building Services Professionals are usually aware of the need to establish maintenance regimes on the mechanical components of heating and chilled systems, but sometimes neglect the largest system component and the most key element of the heat transfer process – THE WATER!

The word ‘cleaning’ often suggests a ‘low tech’ requirement.

The opposite is true.

System and component knowledge, fluid dynamics, physics, chemistry, biology, safety and logistics all come into play, with experience possibly taking precedence.

Water Treatment & System Remediation services by Jordan Environmental
Regular expert analysis and technically correct water treatment will not only serve to protect and maintain the efficiency of the system, but will also give early indication of significant issues. Without this, the potential ‘whole’ costs of system failure caused by corrosion, erosion, MIC, lime-scale or iron oxide sludge, will eventually and inevitably emerge, with the likely requirement for convoluted chemical regimes or remediation by ‘system cleaning’.

Reassuringly, water chemistry and the processes of system contamination remains fairly constant, but development of renewable systems can throw up new challenges. For example, we are developing with the ongoing treatment of Solar Thermal in particular, due to the issues of ‘cracked’ Glycol within these systems.

Our expertise is also coupled with high quality reporting standards, and never more so than when completing Pre-Commission Cleaning and Disinfections to BSRIA BG29, BSI and Water Authority standards. Testing for NRB, SRB, and pseudomonads will often form part of the extensive quality validation that accompanies these projects.

Jordan Environmental can draw on the practical knowledge that comes from over 20 years of operation in this specialist Environmental Building Services sector, allowing us to assess and deliver credible, achievable and effective service solutions within our client’s buildings.

Water Treatment & System Remediation services by Jordan Environmental
  • Technical Condition Surveying, Analysis and Reporting
  • Monitoring and Chemical Treatment Regimes (PPM)
  • Pre-Commission Cleaning (BSRIA / CIBSE Standards)
  • Pre-Commission Disinfection (BSI / Water Authority)
  • Flushing and Chemical Cleaning of existing systems
  • Chemical Cleaning of systems with use of Side Stream Filtration
  • Acid de-scaling of boilers, heat exchangers & pipe-work
  • Rainwater / Grey Water (Monitoring/Water Treatment/Servicing)
  • Renewables / Solar Thermal etc

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